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on Sunday, May 12, 2013

In our today's computer era, most people use the internet for work and entertainment. It is important to have the best but easy to use security software to protect your system from hackers that could invade your privacy and end up losing a lot of money. Take time in answering these questions. Do you have the best computer protection software? Are you sure that your computer is free from any virus or malware?

A good free antivirus doesn't guarantee 100% protection. Programs with good detection and removal rates can sometimes miss virus and malware. Once they get into your system, removing them using your antivirus would be difficult. Some of them were engineered to be undetected. Uninstalling and reinstalling the same antivirus or a new security software may no longer be effective. Most infected computers can't install an antivirus or antimalware successfully. That is the reason why we need a computer protection software that has a feature that doesn't need to be installed.

Here's a solution that can help you clean your computer. I found this program on the a forum site about a year ago. To protect my system and valuable files, I didn't hesitate and downloaded it right away and I suggest that you do it too. 

1. Before downloading, check your operating system if it's 32 or 64 bit in system properties. 

2. Then, run as administrator, click next to start scanning, activate the 30 day free license, and then click next again to delete all the threats such as cookies, virus, trojans, and malware (if there's any). 

You don't have to worry updating because it of its real-time cloud scanning feature.

3. If your computer doesn't boot because of a virus or malware, download Hitman Pro from another computer and create Kickstart Pro in a USB flash drive. Use an at least 8GB flash drive(Kickstart Pro is 4 GB) to make it work out. This feature is the solution against ransomware and malware that have taken your computer as a hostage and prevent it from working properly. Once installed on a flash drive, you can now use Kickstart Pro on your infected computer. This takes only few minutes to free your computer from ransomware.

As a user of Hitman Pro, I'm really pleased with its functions and features. I always use it as my second opinion scanner to clean my computer. I don't have any troubles using my computer these days. I really trust the security protection Hitman Pro gives me.

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